A bit of fondue on the weekend

Winter means fondue time in Switzerland! It's such a nice feeling waking up and just having that feeling that it snowed. And when checking out the window, all it white. I also decided to play around a bit with photo editing... When the cold is here, i'm a little more reluctant to go out outside. So staying in with a a cup of tea in the warm editing photos, didn't seem to bad.


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Lookbook in Amsterdam

So this post is a bit late, but I stumbled upon photos from Amsterdam and realized I completely forgot to post this look! Despite the windy weather, I could still wear my favorite burgundy skirt. It was beautiful roaming around the city's streets and between its canals... We literally wandered, floating around this windy and cold, beautifully lit city.

 (Burgundy:HK, knit sweater: h&m, scarf: h&m, backpack: Fjall Raven, trench coat: trailor made ;)

(Shoes: NewLook, hunter's hat: HempWorks)

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Travel: Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cup!

This was indeed a very well needed 5-day weekend. The weeks at uni were getting longer and motivation was low... But Amsterdam was coming up!
Along with few friends we decided to fly to Amsterdam for a long weekend. We rented a cozy 3 bedroom apartment that hosted 10 people, located right on Harlemmerstraat (7mins walk to Amsterdam Centraal station), which made it super convenient for us.

What's there to do in Amsterdam?

Well, everyone knows about Amsterdam's infamous CoffeeShops. Where, you will be able to fine, not only some very fine cannabis but also the best munchies! You can be sure to find at least the following in every single coffee shop:
  • smoothies
  • milkshakes
  • pancakes
  • cheese toasties!
  • fresh mint tea
  • regular teas
  • hot/cold chocolate milk
and the list goes on!

The best thing about these coffee shops, they know sell alcohol. So you're sure to be around some very very chilled people. ^^

Only a glimpse of the wonders we got to enjoy

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Peace and meditate!