Zoo Party

Hello everyone! Exams are now long gone and Christmas break is around the corner. Here's what was down this weekend: Zoo party! With little time on our sleeves, we just took anything with some sort of animal print to create our 'animal' costumes. Ana and I stopped by Emi's room for a bit of champagne before getting started with the party. Leopard prints were all over the place that night...

Stay tuned for the next post! (which will probably be a RoomDeco DIY)

Studious Sundays

Happy Sunday everyone! Exams are finally here and today's the last day we've got before they start! I can't wait to get over them and just relax! I miss having the time to flip through a magazine not feeling guilty about not studying or always having to catch up on 'readings' all the times... I'll have time to go to town, DIY and just chillllaaaaxx!