Cozy mix

So, currently redecorating my room at the moment. Last week was quite loaded in terms of work. But now that everything's handed in and off the task-list, I finally got the time to chill... Anyways, with all this time off, I've had plenty of time to browse through my tumblr again!


Back to browsing on Soundcloud for tunes, trench coast, sleeping in on cold weekends. Sipping wine (a must!), yoga, peace, comfortable basics. Good vibes, gold & chunky, more manual photography and a spray of good vibes.
All images are taken from tumblr. 

New post

Burrr! The past few days have been getting colder. But this means my trench coats, boots and beanies can finally come out of the closet after 6months in Barcelona! The pictures below were taken on my way back from group work at school. The work load we're getting is getting heavier...


(Boots: Stradivarius, Trench: custom made, Glasses: Barcelona, Bag: HongKong)
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Floral obsession

I know autumn's over but i'm getting quite obsessed with floral at the moment. I've got quite a few items in my shopping cart :/ I'm starting to get impatient waiting for the parcel haha. I'm in love with these statement items. I got the blazer on the right. And under is just a selection of BAZAAR covers (my current favourite magazine).

McCartney's 2012 floral spring campaign!

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Swiss mountains

Been back here for two months now and it's getting colder! Here are a few older photos I found from last months. The bag is the gem I said I found at the Broquante.

Let me know what you think!

(sweater: boyfriend's, glasses: Barcelona, sweater: ZARA)